ID3V2AttachedPictureType enumeration

Represents the type of an attached picture.

public enum ID3V2AttachedPictureType : byte


Name Value Description
Other 0 Attached picture of any other type.
FileIcon32X32 1 32x32 pixels file icon (PNG only).
OtherFileIcon 2 Other file icon.
CoverFront 3 Cover (front).
CoverBack 4 Cover (back).
LeafletPage 5 Leaflet page.
Media 6 Media (e.g. label side of CD).
LeadArtist 7 Lead artist/lead performer/soloist.
Artist 8 Artist/performer.
Conductor 9 Conductor.
Band 10 Band/Orchestra.
Composer 11 Composer/music author.
Lyricist 12 Lyricist/text writer.
RecordingLocation 13 Recording Location.
DuringRecording 14 During recording.
DuringPerformance 15 During performance.
VideoScreenCapture 16 Movie/video screen capture.
BrightColouredFish 17 A bright coloured fish.
Illustration 18 Illustration.
ArtistLogo 19 Band/artist logotype.
StudioLogo 20 Publisher/Studio logotype.

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