ImageResourceID enumeration

Image resources standard ID numbers. Not all file formats use all ID’s. Some information may be stored in other sections of the file.

public enum ImageResourceID


Name Value Description
ResolutionInfo 1005 ResolutionInfo structure. See Appendix A in Photoshop API Guide PDF document.
NamesOfAlphaChannels 1006 Names of the alpha channels as a series of Pascal strings.
Caption 1008 The caption as a Pascal string.
BorderInformation 1009 Border information. Contains a fixed number (2 bytes real, 2 bytes fraction) for the border width, and 2 bytes for border units (1 = inches, 2 = cm, 3 = points, 4 = picas, 5 = columns).
BackgroundColor 1010 Background color. See more.
PrintFlags 1011 Print flags. A series of one-byte boolean values (see Page Setup dialog): labels, crop marks, color bars, registration marks, negative, flip, interpolate, caption, print flags.
Grayscale 1012 Grayscale and multichannel halftoning information.
ColorHalftoning 1013 Color halftoning information.
DuotoneHalftoning 1014 Duotone halftoning information.
GrayscaleFunction 1015 Grayscale and multichannel transfer function.
ColorTransferFunctions 1016 Color transfer functions.
DuotoneTransferFunctions 1017 Duotone transfer functions.
DuotoneImageInformation 1018 Duotone image information.
EPSOptions 1021 EPS options.
QuickMaskInformation 1022 Quick Mask information. 2 bytes containing Quick Mask channel ID; 1- byte boolean indicating whether the mask was initially empty.
LayerStateInformation 1024 Layer state information. 2 bytes containing the index of target layer (0 = bottom layer).
WorkingPath 1025 Working path (not saved). See See Path resource format.
LayersGroupInformation 1026 Layers group information. 2 bytes per layer containing a group ID for the dragging groups. Layers in a group have the same group ID.
Iptc 1028 IPTC-NAA record. Contains the File Info… information. See the documentation in the IPTC folder of the Documentation folder.
ImageModeForRawFormat 1029 Image mode for raw format files.
JpegQuality 1030 JPEG quality. Private.
GridAndGuidesInfoPhotoshop4 1032 Grid and guides information.
ThumbnailResourcePhotoshop4 1033 Thumbnail resource for Photoshop 4.0 only.
CopyrightFlagPhotoshop4 1034 Copyright flag. Boolean indicating whether image is copyrighted. Can be set via Property suite or by user in File Info…
UrlPhotoshop4 1035 URL. Handle of a text string with uniform resource locator. Can be set via Property suite or by user in File Info…
ThumbnailResourcePhotoshop5 1036 Thumbnail resource (supersedes resource 1033). See See Thumbnail resource format.
GlobalAnglePhotoshop5 1037 Global Angle. 4 bytes that contain an integer between 0 and 359, which is the global lighting angle for effects layer. If not present, assumed to be 30.
IccProfilePhotoshop5 1039 (Photoshop 5.0) ICC Profile. The raw bytes of an ICC (International Color Consortium) format profile. See ICC1v42_2006-05.pdf in the Documentation folder and icProfileHeader.h in Sample Code\Common\Includes.
WatermarkPhotoshop5 1040 Watermark. One byte.
IccUntaggedProfilePhotoshop5 1041 ICC Untagged Profile. 1 byte that disables any assumed profile handling when opening the file. 1 = intentionally untagged.
TransparencyIndexPhotoshop6 1047 Transparency Index. 2 bytes for the index of transparent color, if any.
GlobalAltitudePhotoshop6 1049 Global Altitude. 4 byte entry for altitude.
SlicesPhotoshop6 1050 Slices (Photoshop 6).
WorkflowUrlPhotoshop6 1051 Workflow URL. Unicode string. Photoshop 6.
AlphaIdentifiersPhotoshop6 1053 Alpha Identifiers. 4 bytes of length, followed by 4 bytes each for every alpha identifier.
UrlListPhotoshop6 1054 URL InternalList. 4 byte count of URLs, followed by 4 byte long, 4 byte ID, and Unicode string for each count.
VersionInfoPhotoshop6 1057 Version Info. 4 bytes version, 1 byte hasRealMergedData , Unicode string: writer name, Unicode string: reader name, 4 bytes file version.
ExifData1Photoshop7 1058 EXIF data 1, see more.
ExifData3Photoshop7 1059 EXIF data 3.
XmpPhotoshop7 1060 XMP metadata. File info as XML description, see more.
CaptionDigestPhotoshop7 1061 Caption digest. 16 bytes: RSA Data Security, MD5 message-digest algorithm.
PrintScalePhotoshop7 1062 Print scale. 2 bytes style (0 = centered, 1 = size to fit, 2 = user defined). 4 bytes x location (floating point). 4 bytes y location (floating point). 4 bytes scale (floating point).
PixelAspectRatio 1064 Pixel Aspect Ratio. 4 bytes (version = 1 or 2), 8 bytes double, x / y of a pixel. Version 2, attempting to correct values for NTSC and PAL, previously off by a factor of approx. 5%.
LayerComps 1065 Layer Comps. 4 bytes (descriptor version = 16), Descriptor.
LayerSelectionIds 1069 Layer Selection ID(s). 2 bytes count, following is repeated for each count: 4 bytes layer ID.
PrintInfoCS2 1071 Print info (Photoshop CS2).
LayerGroupEnabledIdCS2 1072 Layer Group(s) Enabled ID. 1 byte for each layer in the document, repeated by length of the resource. NOTE: Layer groups have start and end markers (Photoshop CS2).
ColorSamplersResourceCS3 1073 Color samplers resource. Also see ID 1038 for old format.
MeasurementScaleCS3 1074 Measurement Scale. 4 bytes (descriptor version = 16), Descriptor.
TimelineInformationCS3 1075 Timeline Information. 4 bytes (descriptor version = 16), Descriptor.
SheetDisclosureCS3 1076 Sheet Disclosure. 4 bytes (descriptor version = 16), Descriptor.
PrintInformationCS5 1082 Print Information (Photoshop CS5).
PrintStyleCS5 1083 Print Style (Photoshop CS5).
MacintoshNSPrintInfoCS5 1084 Macintosh NSPrintInfo. Variable OS specific info for Macintosh. NSPrintInfo. It is recommended that you do not interpret or use this data. (Photoshop CS5).
WindowsDevmodeCS5 1085 Windows DEVMODE. Variable OS specific info for Windows. DEVMODE. It is recommended that you do not interpret or use this data. (Photoshop CS5).
AutoSaveFilePathCS6 1086 Auto Save File Path. Unicode string. (Photoshop CS6).
AutoSaveFormatCS6 1087 Auto Save Format. Unicode string. (Photoshop CS6).
PathSelectionStateCC 1088 Path Selection State. (Photoshop CC).
ImageReadyVariables 7000 Image Ready variables. XML representation of variables definition.
ImageReadyDatasets 7001 Image Ready data sets.
PrintFlagsInformation 10000 Print flags information. 2 bytes version ( = 1), 1 byte center crop marks, 1 byte ( = 0), 4 bytes bleed width value, 2 bytes bleed width scale.

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