TiffTagType enumeration

Represents the IFD data type.

public enum TiffTagType : ushort


Name Value Description
Byte 1 An 8-bit unsigned integer.
Ascii 2 An 8-bit byte with a 7-bit ASCII character.
Short 3 A 16-bit unsigned integer.
Long 4 A 32-bit unsigned integer.
Rational 5 A pair of LONGs, numerator then denominator.
SByte 6 An 8-bit signed integer.
Undefined 7 An undefined 8-bit byte.
SShort 8 A 16-bit signed integer.
SLong 9 A 32-bit signed integer.
SRational 10 A pair of SLONGs, numerator then denominator.
Float 11 A 4-byte IEEE floating point value.
Double 12 An 8-byte IEEE floating point value.
SubIfd 13 A 4-byte long offset value

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