ExifDictionaryBasePackage indexer

Gets the TIFF tag with the specified id.

public TiffTag this[TiffTagID tagId] { get; }
Parameter Description
tagId The id of the tag to retrieve.

Return Value

The TiffTag with the specified tag id.


This example demonstrates how to read a specific TIFF/EXIF tag by its identifier.

using (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.TiffWithExif))
    IExif root = metadata.GetRootPackage() as IExif;
    if (root != null && root.ExifPackage != null)
        TiffAsciiTag software = (TiffAsciiTag)root.ExifPackage[TiffTagID.Software];
        if (software != null)
            Console.WriteLine("Software: {0}", software.Value);

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