XmpRenditionClass class

Represents XMP RenditionClass.

public sealed class XmpRenditionClass : XmpText


Name Description
XmpRenditionClass(params string[]) Initializes a new instance of the XmpRenditionClass class.


Name Description
RawValue { get; } Gets the raw value.
Type { get; } Gets the MetadataPropertyType.
Value { get; } Gets the value.


Name Description
AcceptValue(ValueAcceptor) Extracts the property value using a custom ValueAcceptor.
override GetXmpRepresentation() Returns string contained value in XMP format.
ToArray<TElement>() Converts the property value to an array of the specified type.
ToClass<T>() Converts the property value to a reference type.
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the property value.
ToStruct<T>() Converts the property value to a value type.
ToStruct<T>(T) Converts the property value to a value type.


Name Description
const Default The master resource; no additional tokens allowed.
const Draft A review rendition.
const LowRes A low-resolution, full-size stand-in.
const Proof A review proof.
const Screen Screen resolution or Web rendition.
const Thumbnail A simplified or reduced preview. Additional tokens can provide characteristics. The recommended order is thumbnail:format:size:colorspace.

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