JpgViewOptions class

Provides options for rendering documents into JPG format. For details, see this page and its children.

public class JpgViewOptions : ViewOptions, IMaxSizeOptions


Name Description
JpgViewOptions() Initializes an instance of the JpgViewOptions class.
JpgViewOptions(CreatePageStream) Initializes an instance of the JpgViewOptions class.
JpgViewOptions(IPageStreamFactory) Initializes an instance of the JpgViewOptions class.
JpgViewOptions(string) Initializes an instance of the JpgViewOptions class.
JpgViewOptions(CreatePageStream, ReleasePageStream) Initializes an instance of the JpgViewOptions class.


Name Description
ArchiveOptions { get; set; } The archive files view options.
CadOptions { get; set; } The CAD drawing view options.
DefaultFontName { get; set; } Sets the default font for a document.
EmailOptions { get; set; } The email messages view options.
ExtractText { get; set; } Enables text extraction.
Height { get; set; } Sets the height of an output image (in pixels).
MailStorageOptions { get; set; } Mail storage data files view options.
MaxHeight { get; set; } Sets the maximum height of an output image (in pixels).
MaxWidth { get; set; } Sets the maximum width of an output image (in pixels).
OutlookOptions { get; set; } The Microsoft Outlook data files view options.
PdfOptions { get; set; } The PDF document view options.
PresentationOptions { get; set; } The presentation files view options.
ProjectManagementOptions { get; set; } The project management files view options.
Quality { get; set; } Sets the quality of the output image.
RenderComments { get; set; } Enables rendering comments.
RenderHiddenPages { get; set; } Enables rendering of hidden pages.
RenderNotes { get; set; } Enables rendering notes.
SpreadsheetOptions { get; set; } The spreadsheet files view options.
TextOptions { get; set; } Text files view options.
VisioRenderingOptions { get; set; } The Visio files view options.
Watermark { get; set; } The text watermark to be applied to each page.
WebDocumentOptions { get; set; } The Web files view options.
Width { get; set; } Sets the width of the output image (in pixels).
WordProcessingOptions { get; set; } The Word processing files view options.


Name Description
RotatePage(int, Rotation) Applies the clockwise rotation to a page.


Name Description
readonly PageRotations The page rotation.

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