LoadOptions class

Provides options that used to open the file.

public class LoadOptions


Name Description
LoadOptions() Initializes new instance of LoadOptions class.
LoadOptions(FileType) Initializes new instance of LoadOptions class.


Name Description
DetectEncoding { get; set; } This option enables TXT, TSV, and CSV files encoding detection. In case the encoding can’t be detected the default Encoding is used.
Encoding { get; set; } The encoding used when opening text-based files or email messages such as CSV, TXT, and MSG. Default value is UTF8.
FileType { get; set; } The type of the file to open.
Password { get; set; } The password for opening encrypted file.
ResourceLoadingTimeout { get; set; } The external resources loading timeout. The default value is 10 seconds.
SkipExternalResources { get; set; } When set to true all external resource such as images will not be loaded except WhitelistedResources.
WhitelistedResources { get; set; } The list of URL fragments corresponding to external resources that should be loaded when SkipExternalResources is set to true.

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