PdfOptimizationOptions class

Contains the PDF optimization options to apply to the output PDF file. For details and code samples, see this page and its children.

public class PdfOptimizationOptions


Name Description
PdfOptimizationOptions() Sets up default values of MaxResolution option to 300 and ImageQuality option to 100


Name Description
CompressImages { get; set; } Enables compressing images in the output PDF file.
ConvertToGrayScale { get; set; } Enables converting the output PDF file to a grayscale.
ImageQuality { get; set; } Sets the image quality in the output PDF file (in percent).
Lineriaze { get; set; } Enables optimization the output PDF file for viewing online with a web browser.
MaxResolution { get; set; } Sets the maximum resolution in the output PDF file.
OptimizeSpreadsheets { get; set; } Enables optimization of spreadsheets in the PDF files.
RemoveAnnotations { get; set; } Enables removing annotation from the output PDF file.
RemoveFormFields { get; set; } Enables removing form fields from a PDF file.
ResizeImages { get; set; } Enables setting the maximum resolution in the output PDF file.
SubsetFonts { get; set; } Subsets fonts in the output PDF file.

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