WordProcessingOptions class

Contains options for rendering Word documents. For details, see the documentation.

public class WordProcessingOptions


Name Description
WordProcessingOptions() Contains options for rendering word processing documents. For details, see the documentation.


Name Description
BottomMargin { get; set; } Sets the bottom margin of a page.
EnableOpenTypeFeatures { get; set; } This option enables kerning and other OpenType Features when rendering Arabic, Hebrew, Indian Latin-based, or Cyrillic-based scripts.
LeftMargin { get; set; } Sets the left margin of a page.
PageSize { get; set; } The size of the output page. The default value is Unspecified which means that a page size is set in a page settings (Page Setup) is used. When rendering HTM and HTML files the default page size is set to Letter 792 x 612 points. As a result, some of the content may not fit into the page frame. Set a larger page size e.g. A3 to fit the contents.
RenderTrackedChanges { get; set; } Enables tracked changes (revisions) rendering.
RightMargin { get; set; } Sets the right margin of a page.
TopMargin { get; set; } Sets the top margin of a page.
UnlinkTableOfContents { get; set; } When rendering to HTML or PDF, you can set this option to true to disable navigation from the table of contents. For HTML rendering, a tags with relative links will be replaced with span tags, removing functionality but preserving visual appearance. For PDF rendering, the table of contents will be rendered as plain text without links to document sections.

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