DocumentInfo class

Provides common information about a loaded document.

public class DocumentInfo : IDocumentInfo


Name Description
FileType { get; } Gets the file type of the loaded document.
IsEncrypted { get; } Gets a value indicating whether the document is encrypted and requires a password to open.
PageCount { get; } Gets the number of pages (slides, worksheets, etc) in the loaded document.
Pages { get; } Gets a collection of objects representing common information about the document pages (slides, worksheets, etc).
Size { get; } Gets the size of the loaded document in bytes.


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This example demonstrates how to extract basic format information from a file.

using (Metadata metadata = new Metadata(Constants.InputXlsx))
    if (metadata.FileFormat != FileFormat.Unknown)
        IDocumentInfo info = metadata.GetDocumentInfo();

        Console.WriteLine("File format: {0}", info.FileType.FileFormat);
        Console.WriteLine("File extension: {0}", info.FileType.Extension);
        Console.WriteLine("MIME Type: {0}", info.FileType.MimeType);
        Console.WriteLine("Number of pages: {0}", info.PageCount);
        Console.WriteLine("Document size: {0} bytes", info.Size);
        Console.WriteLine("Is document encrypted: {0}", info.IsEncrypted);

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