MetadataPropertyType enumeration

Defines metadata property types.

public enum MetadataPropertyType


Name Value Description
Empty 0 Represents an empty (null) property.
String 1 Represents a string property.
Boolean 2 Represents a boolean property.
DateTime 3 Represents a date property.
TimeSpan 4 Represents a time property.
Integer 5 Represents an integer property.
Long 6 Represents a long integer property.
Double 7 Represents a property with a double or float value.
StringArray 8 Represents a string array property.
ByteArray 9 Represents a byte array property.
DoubleArray 10 Represents an array of double values.
IntegerArray 11 Represents an array of integer values.
LongArray 12 Represents an array of long values.
Metadata 13 Represents a nested metadata block.
MetadataArray 14 Represents an array of nested metadata blocks.
Guid 15 Represents a global unique identifier value.
PropertyValueArray 16 Represents a metadata property value array.

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